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Monty's Day Care has a 'Good' OFSTED rating which emphasises children are confident and happy here. As part of our ethos we endeavour to find new ways of improving our setting on a continual

“The partnership with parents is valued and encouraged. There is a good two-way communication in place particularly in relation to sharing information about children’s care needs”

“Children enjoy attending the setting. They take part enthusiastically in activities, explore the environment confidently and relate well to each other and to staff.”

“Children are encouraged to be respectful of each other’s differences. They learn about cultures and religions different to their own by assessing a wide range of resources which provide information inbasis. Please take time to read what they have to say; a child friendly manner. All children have opportunities to celebrate festivals and special days which are important to themselves and their family.”

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We currently have the following vacancies. If you are interested in any of the positions, please contact us or download an application form and Job description and send it in with your CV:
- Full time Nursery Practitioner NVQ Level 2 or above

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All our policies are reviewed and updated annually, unless new legislation requires an immediate change or amendments become apparent. Please click below to download our policies or contact us directly if you would prefer.

Statutory Policies
- ST 1.1 Complaints Policy

-ST 1.2 Confidentiality Policy & Data Protection

-ST 1.3 SEND Policy

-ST 1.4 Medication Policy

-ST 1.4 Managing Children with Allergies

-ST 1.5 Missing Children & Uncollected Children Policy

-ST 1.6 Risk Assessment

-ST 1.6 Risk Assessment Policy

-ST 1.7 Safeguarding Children Policy

-ST 1.7 Child Protection Policy

-ST 1.8 Employment and Safe Recruiting Policy

-ST 1.9 Camera & Recording Devices Policy

-ST 1.10 Mobile Phone & Social Networking Policy

Health and Safety
- HS 2.1 Health & Safety Policy

-HS 2.2 RIDDOR & First Aid Policy

-HS 2.3 Welfare Policy

-HS 2.4 Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Policy

-HS 2.5 Nappy Changing & Toilet Training Policy

-HS 2.6 Visitor Evacuation Process

-HS 2.7 Outings Policy

-HS 2.8 Manic Monsters Play Policy

-HS 2.9 Food Hygiene Policy

-HS 2.10 Animals in the Setting Policy

-HS 2.12 Lockdown Policy

-SG 3.1 Behaviour Learning Policy

-SG 3.1a Biting Policy

-SG 3.2 Children's Rights & Entitlements Policy

-SG 3.3 Children's Safety & Security Policy

-SG 3.4 Providers Records Policy

-SG 3.5 Whistle Blowing Policy

-SG 3.6 Supervision Policy

-SG 3.7 Allegations Against Staff Policy

-SG 3.8 Looked After Children Policy

-SG 3.9 Working in Partnership With Other Agencies Policy

-SG 3.10 Tapestry Policy

-SG 3.11 Acceptable Use Policy

- CN 4.1 Key Person & Settling Policy

-CN 4.2 Admissions Policy

-CN 4.3 Arrivals & Departures Policy

-CN 4.4 Parental Involvement Policy

-CN 4.5 Staff Working with own Children Policy

-CN 4.6 Calpol & Nurofen Policy

-CN 4.7 Safe Sleep Policy

-CN 4.8 Sun Safety Policy

-CN 4.9 Lost Property Policy

-CN 4.10 Food, Drink & Mealtime Policy

-CN 4.11 Snow & Adverse Weather Policy